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Need to find out how to trace a license plate number to its owner?

This is actually something that is becoming more difficult to do as time goes by, namely because of the enforcement of privacy laws and a general shift by the government to protect information about people's identification – which is a good thing overall.

The DMV might provide some records upon request, but it will likely have a small fee attached to it. Some professional investigators and reporting agencies may also provide records based on VIN numbers and license plate numbers for a fee. Some will have guarantees and some won’t.

As for conducting online investigations, unless you have access to a law enforcement or agency database of some kind, it will be very difficult to find any relevant information in most cases. You can try searching popular websites like Google, Yahoo, MSN,,, etc.

If at some point the license plate number becomes indexed by Google’s search engine spiders, you can subscribe to "Google Alerts" which will notify you when it does.

However, there are other related resources on Search and Spy that will help you if you are investigating a vehicle, such as direct access to court records and some very advanced people searching databases, sources and techniques.

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