Reverse IP Address Lookup



An IP address is a computer’s virtual "location" on the Internet. It is basically a numeric system that keeps track of the internet providers that connect individual computers to the Internet.

An IP address can also represent URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) such as, according to how and where it’s hosted.

If you need to find out more information about an IP address – such as the exact location or the owner of an IP location (website or computer), then there are a number of free tools you can use to do just that...

1. - Investigate any website. Free search results include host details, domain owner information when available, and contact information.

2. IP/DNS Address Lookup – This site provides several IP address, DNS and other technical investigation tools.

With those two free websites above, you'll be able to investigate practically any website or domain to find out their IP address and DNS info.

However, email addresses (especially public addresses like and others) can be especially difficult to trace. Search and Spy contains some additional resources for email lookups and investigations.

Moreover, there are websites and databases that focus solely on email records, such as the one below...

See if any email records are available from the Gov-Records premium database: