Reverse Address Search

If you want to find out some information about a person, but all you have is their address, then here are some things you can do.

To begin with, head over to or to bring up the nationwide public phone book and address registry, and run a search on the full or partial address you have to see if you can yield any results.

This will often provide you with some rather useful results.

After that, try searching for the address in the Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines to see if any relevant information comes up. For more relevant results, use quotation marks around all or part of your search queries to filter out any irrelevant results.

If no results are returned, try searching in some of the major social networks and blog sites such as,,,, etc.

Also, you can try searching and to see if the person you’re investigating has posted an ad recently -- those sites are the two most widely used and popular classified ad networks on the Internet.

Next, if you have no luck with that and you have some information about the person's hobbies and interests, then seek out the most popular forums and message boards that deal with that particular subject matter or career industry. Then try searching those sites for the person’s full or partial address details to see if any matching posts, documents, and member profiles or pages surface.

Finally, try searching public records, which include property/land titles, real estate records, and even court records. You can use Search and Spy to organize this process and save yourself a bunch of time.

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