Regular Landline Reverse Phone Lookup

Ex: 555-555-5555

Here's how you can perform a systematic reverse lookup on regular listed phone numbers online:

To begin with, go to,, and and run reverse lookups.

In just about every case, if your number is at least a few months old, it will be listed online at one of those websites -- and if it's not from the United States, then check to see if there are any variants of those particular sites for your region, such as for Canadians, and so on.

Reverse lookups can be rather difficult if the phone number is one of the following:

a) Too recent or new to be listed in any databases -- or transferred to a new person that's not the same person as listed in a database.

b) Unlisted and/or commercial (if it’s not listed in any business directories such as the Yellow Pages).

c) A cellular, pager or other kind of wireless phone number.

To find out information on those types of phone numbers, you'll need to read these two articles:

Reverse Cell Phone Owner Lookup & Record Search

Reverse Unlisted Number Records Search

However, it should be noted that some of the strategies contained in those articles are controversial at best, and might not even be legal in some locations!

For these reasons, you should also know that you can search the national records database at Reverse Phone Detective, which is inexpensive and completely legal. Their database has about an 80% success rate based upon our own research and experience with them. It will require a small investment on your part, but it's a completely legal source so that you won't have to play "private detective" and risk breaking any laws.

You can search their full database for free directly from the search form below...

Step 1: Enter a Cell Phone Number to Search

Enter the residential, cellular, or other type of phone number you'd like to lookup, then click the search button below...

Ex: 555-555-5555


In the search box above, enter the phone number of the person you want to investigate, and then press "Search!"

Within a few seconds, you’ll be notified as to whether or not the full record of that phone number exists in the premium database. If it does exist, click "Continue" and for a small investment, you will be able to fully access that person's complete details, which might include:

• Full Name

• Address

• Date of Birth

• Carrier/Wireless Company

• You will also have access to some additional bonus background search features that will provide details about anyone’s criminal history, asset details, driving records, property records and other kinds of background information...

Results are 100% Guaranteed

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