Sources of Information, Records and Databases

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Did you know that Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines only index a small percentage of the information that's actually on the Internet (only about 18%)?

That’s right, it’s true.

There are literally millions of public, government and court records stored in online databases that are only available to those who know where to find them -- like professional detectives.


Because most of these resources are owned and operated by the government. And unlike private entities, they don't care how many people access their records or use their services since it's not a profit-seeking operation (unlike the major search engines and other commercial sites).

Search and Spy taps directly into these online resources -- resources that are not indexed by the search engines and are not advertised -- and gives you the ability to access the other 82% of the Internet.

And that's where you'll discover the real facts about anyone you want to investigate...

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