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Do you want to find out the truth about someone’s past?

If you do, then you're just one of millions of other people that search for keyword phrases such as "online background checks" and "background report" every month. This is a growing trend, since it's becoming harder to trust people these days.

It's rather troubling that our society today has become so skeptical and somewhat paranoid, but it's usually for a valid reason. Especially when you consider the fact that many truly awful crimes and fraudulent behavior are committed by the people you'd least expect.

So essentially, it's good that the Internet contains such an incredible amount of information about almost everyone, including you.

For example, whether you're searching for someone's:

* Financial track record

* Relationship history (marriage and divorce records)

* Criminal background/history

* Driving history (previous criminal offenses)

* Professional or Business track record

* Assets (based upon available property records)

* Or Practically Anything Else

You can very often find the information you seek by using the right resources, or searching the appropriate databases on the Internet, most of which are operated and hosted by the US Government.

In fact, many of these kinds of resources are publicly available. But they're not marketed or advertised by the government since it's an obligatory public service and not a very profitable operation. Moreover, some of these public resources can be very hard to find -- some aren’t even indexed by major search engines such as Google.

That's where Search and Spy comes in!

We connect you directly to more than 72 individual data sources -- most of which are difficult to find and are not commonly used by people other than attorneys, private investigators, and law enforcement agencies.

In short, Search and Spy turns your computer into your very own private investigator!

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