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If you want to find out if someone's been divorced in the past, or if you need to know the details of the divorce -- or if a divorce is the only kind of information you know about a particular person -- then obviously you'll be wondering where and how you can obtain these kinds of divorce records online.

Here's how you can do just that:

A divorce is a legal process that annuls a marriage in the United States (and pretty much every other developed country, but we'll be focusing on US records since that’s what this website focuses on specifically). Therefore, the divorce case will have to have been documented and stored in the court where it was originally filed (in their database).

In order to search for divorce records, you'll want to go directly to the database of the court in question. These records are actually public, but you must first search a secure court website that stores these records that were filed in a certain county, municipality or state.

Some court data sources are rather easy to find on the Internet, while other kinds of data (exact court locations) can be very problematic to find unless you know the exact URL, or know exactly where to search. And even if you, many of the actual search engine features offered at these court record databases are not very user-friendly and difficult to use – but that’s if you can even find them!

That's where Search and Spy comes in...

We connect you directly to a comprehensive listing of hundreds of unique court record databases and searchable websites for each available US state, county and municipality -- most of which are difficult to find and not commonly used by people other than attorneys, private investigators, or law enforcement agencies.

In short, Search and Spy turns your computer into your very own private investigator!

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