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Do you want to find records about a business lawsuit, a divorce, a child custody decision or any other kind of non-criminal court filing?

And do you need to perform your search discreetly -- on the Internet?

Although your reasons are unique, there are literally thousands of Americans trying to access civil court records for different reasons every single day. And only a few of them are able to actually succeed in finding something on the web since civil records -- and searchable databases that provide real and useful records -- aren't exactly the easiest things to uncover.

Below is a sample of the kinds of things you can actually obtain, right from your home computer:

* Divorce Case Dockets (Dockets are records that present a summary of a court case, including the names of the defendants and plaintiffs, the date and the current status of the case)

* Bankruptcy Filing Dockets

* Child Support Judgment Dockets

* Foreclosure Case Dockets

* Business Related Lawsuits, Complaints and Other Dockets

* Other Kinds of Litigation (An entire collection of lawsuit dockets that don't constitute criminal charges)

As you've probably already find out, civil records -- which are dockets or summary overviews of non-criminal court cases in the USA -- can't be accessed simply by using popular search engines like Google or Yahoo. Instead, they need to be culled directly from a specific county or municipality's system of court records -- many of which are very difficult to find.

Nevertheless, these records do exist -- and they can be found, even if you’re only using the Internet.

That's where Search and Spy comes in.

We connect you directly to a directory of well over 100 unique court record databases and searchable websites for each available US state, county and municipality -- most of which are difficult to locate and not commonly used by people other than private investigators, attorneys or law enforcement agencies.

In short, Search and Spy turns your computer into your very own private investigator!

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