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Are you afraid to walk around at night time because of the threat of rapists and other kinds of sex offenders?

Do you worry that your children are at risk when they're playing outside or at a nearby park?

Sadly, we live in a world where pedophiles, creeps, perverts and other seriously disturbed individuals roam the streets freely, and very few ever actually serve any kind of prison term.

You and your family deserve to be safe, and to know about everyone that might live in your local community.

That's why Search and Spy offers a number of very comprehensive resources on sexual predators and sex offenders, including:

* The Official Sex Offender Registry (provided directly by the United States Government)

* Comprehensive sex offender databases and directories for every US state

* Sex offender mugshot databases, last known addresses and their descriptions

Discover the truth about the people that live in your city, and in your very own neighborhood. If you are suspicious about a neighbor, a teacher or anyone else who might have contact with you or your family, make sure that you try to find out if they can be trusted.

Search for sex offenders by name and/or address (including their city, area, suburb etc.)

Begin your 100% legal and discreet search right now!

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