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Are you trying to find an old friend, or piece together your family tree?

Or do you need to find out if someone you know, such as a potential date, has been married before?

Generally, you'd have to request a copy of the person’s actual marriage record from your local Vital Statistics government office, but there are some records accessible on the Internet as well, so that may not be totally necessary.

Some of the larger genealogy databases do offer several hundred thousand marriage records for public browsing, but it's not quite as comprehensive in comparison to the more than 106 million households throughout the United States, according to census of 2000.

That's where Search and Spy comes in.

We've provided you with direct access to every possible marriage records online lookup source so that you can save yourself the hassle and the trouble of requesting records directly from a Vital Stats office.

Below are the options that we make available to you:

* Access to a database that contains more than 614,600 marriage records for the United States. Results consist of the full name of the bride and groom, their corresponding partner, the wedding date, and the county and state where it took place.

* Access to a more precise database that consists of approximately 30,000 marriage records. This database is smaller, but it includes a number of links to specific vital records sources from which you can obtain records if your other search queries do not yield any results.

* Access to Las Vegas, Nevada wedding ceremony records. Want to find out if someone got married in Las Vegas? Here's where you can do it!

So, give Search and Spy a try before going through the hassle of calling up your local statistics office.

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