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Do you want to find records or a court filing about a civil case, such as a divorce, bankruptcy, contract complaint, a lawsuit or personal complaint, a child support ruling or another kind of non-criminal case?

Or, do you need to search through criminal court records for lawsuits that are filed under the criminal code for charges such as a misdemeanor, drug trafficking, drug possession, theft, a felony, fraud, sex crimes or any other kind of illegal behavior?

And do you want or need to carry out your search discreetly – and on the Internet?

Well then, that's all very simple. You can actually use your own computer to dig up records that you might not have thought possible from the Internet alone. In fact, you can discover practically anything if you know the right places to look.

For example, here is a small sample of the kind of information that is available on the internet:

* Child Support Judgments (Dockets )

* Divorce Records & Dockets

* Property Foreclosure Records (Dockets)

* Business Lawsuit Records (Dockets)

* DMV Records & Driving Offenses (Dockets)

* Bankruptcy Filings (Dockets)

* Creditor-Debtor Lawsuits, both Individual & Business (Dockets)

* Contract Complaint Records (Dockets)

* Criminal Charges: Felonies, Misdemeanors and Sex-Related Offenses (Dockets)

* Tax Liens, Judgments (Dockets)

* National & Federal Arrest Warrants

* DUI Records (Dockets)

* And essentially every kind of criminal and non-criminal court records that are made available by each county court, municipal court, state court, etc. You'll be truly amazed at what you can actually discover on the Internet!

Dockets are an overview of a court case, judgment legal opinion that often includes the defendant’s and plaintiff’s names, as well as the date it was filed, any attorneys involved, and the current status of the case.

However, as was already mentioned, finding these records usually isn’t easy -- especially when you start to narrow down your search to the smaller courts. And you very likely won't find anyone's court records by using just a regular search engine like Google because these records are stored in secure databases by each court.

In fact, some people can spend weeks or months wandering around the Internet before they finally find a legitimate and legal searchable database of real court records -- and many won’t even find these databases at all!

That's where Search and Spy comes in...

We connect you directly to a comprehensive listing of hundreds of unique court record databases and searchable websites for each available US state, county and municipality -- most of which are difficult to find and not commonly used by people other than law enforcement agencies, attorneys and private investigators.

In short, Search and Spy turns your computer into your very own private investigator!

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