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1. How Much Does The Search and Spy Full Version Cost?

Search and Spy is only a one time of investment of $39.95. This is not a subscription or an annual fee. You can pay securely with any major credit card or with PayPal. After payment is received, you will have immediate access to all information for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

2. If These Are Public Records And Resources, Why Can't I Just Find Them On My Own?

Well technically, you could -- maybe. Search and Spy took us months of research to formulate, by talking to experts and sifting through one hidden government website after another in order to actually find and organize the large amount of search tools and records databases that are available on Search and Spy. Although these records are public, they are not advertised and the data is therefore not indexed by any search engines. This is why the information is so difficult and time consuming to find.

Is a small $39.95 investment worth saving yourself countless hours of dead-ends and frustration, while trying to discover that one "real" resource that actually contains legitimate government records, information and databases? What is your time worth to you?

Is $39.95 worth discovering the truth as fast as possible -- without having to spend months trying to figure out where to even start looking on your own? Just ask any private investigator or other related experts – this is not an exaggeration – most of the resources found on this website are available only to the professionals and law enforcement officials. You won’t find them by searching Google.

3. What Can Search and Spy Find That Other Search Sites Can't?

Search and Spy is so powerful because it is the ultimate organization tool for performing any kind of online investigation, and it compiles numerous individual search tools, records lookup engines, live databases, specific people search lookups and a lot more.

Search and Spy provides direct access to over 72 individual data sources so that you can search much more specifically, and with much more detail, than by using limited resources like Yahoo People Search,, and other popular lookup websites.

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"When I first upgraded to the premium version of Search and Spy, I emailed customer support since I was wondering how to use the databases to try to find missing people. There really are a lot of categories and search tools!

"Amazingly, I got a reply right away. Using their advice and tutorials for investigation, I was able to use Search and Spy to locate my brother, whom I haven't seen or heard from in years!"

"Thank you so much!"

Jeff Hall
Phoenix, AZ

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"I found the upgraded version very easy to use. The information you’re able to extract from these sources is very useful and actually has value to me for the business I own. Searching through the resources for personal use is also very informative and exciting."

"An absolutely wonderful product."

May Vatchara

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"Search and Spy has allowed myself become a virtual secret agent and dig up figures, facts and even dirt on pretty much everyone. I've been able to discover information about myself and my family that I didn't even know people would ever be able to access."

"It's a tool that even the CIA would find useful..."

Mike Lanyon

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"I really don’t habitually spy on other people, but in this day and age it’s great to have the ability to learn about people who might cross paths with those of your business and family."

"Search and Spy makes this type of background check into a quick and easy process. I like how easy and intuitive it is to use, and it really does provide the exact information you need to be a fully informed parent and business owner."

Best Wishes,

Chris Page
Empire Shaving

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