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Do you want to investigate a potential business, service company, business partner or employer?

Do you want to find out if these people are telling the truth about their finances, or how they’ve treated the people they hired or worked with in the past?

You've probably already tried "Googling" them a number of times to see if you could find anything out, but that is rarely turns up enough information, and in most cases, you'll only find press releases, affiliate websites and reviews, promo articles, and perhaps an occasional consumer complaint on a message board, which isn't really helpful.

So, how can you discover the financial, legal and ethical track record of a company or person in the United States?

You'll need to conduct a thorough search through court records (bankruptcy, civil cases, tax courts, and so on) to see who exactly they've sued and why, or vice versa. Oftentimes, you'll find that corporations or companies in a poor financial situation will have cases filed against them by a collections agency or a major credit card company.

Also, you may find that the IRS, FTC or other government agency has filed suit against the company for reasons such as tax evasion, product misrepresentation, consumer fraud, and so on.

Furthermore, if you want a truly comprehensive look at any registered corporation, you'll need a specific report customized specifically for them by a leading business reporting/analyst firm.

That's where Search and Spy comes in.

We connect you directly to a directory of well over 100 different court record databases and searchable websites for each available US state, county and municipality -- most of which are difficult to find and not commonly used by people other than private investigators, attorneys or law enforcement agencies.

Search and Spy also connects you directly to the most comprehensive consumer complaint registries, as well as to the leading providers* of business background reports in the USA.

In short, Search and Spy turns your computer into your very own private investigator!

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